Window Screen Repair

Unexpected Issues with Damaged or Old Window Screening?

Sander’s Screening and Repair can get your home or business looking better than it was before in no time! At Sander’s Screening and Repair we specialize in many areas of window screen repairs, as well as designing and building custom screen enclosures. We repair screens along with the bolts, hardware, and door tracks.

Skilled Staff

At Sander’s Screening and Repair we have a skilled team of staff who specialize in window screen repairs and are ready to help you transform your space. When we service our customers, we ensure that not only the quality of your window screen improves, but we assure that its performance will outdo the last!

The Power of Window Screening

Window screens are easily damaged from storms, accidents, deterioration, harsh sun exposure, and aging. It is important to maintain functional window screens to prevent insects and other critters from entering your home. Well kept window screens are also more visually appealing and tie your home together. Maintaining your window screens adds a touch of modernization to your home, without ditracting from its beauty.

Guaranteed Quality & Satisfaction

Sander’s Screening and Repairs has been servicing the community for 20+ years and is fully licensed and insured to guarantee quality service and trust in our company. While we design, build, and install all of our window screens, we also ensure that this is all done in compliance with Florida Building Code. Our screen frames are made of durable, high quality materials and the finish can be made to match any installation surface in your home or business. ​We take care of everything in house, so we are able to give customers high quality products at affordable prices.

Your satisfaction is our top concern!

Let Us Do the Heavy Lifting

Instead of wasting money trying to repair your screens and risk making the damage worse, contact Sander’s Screening and Repairs and allow our skilled service providers to assess the damage quickly, affordably, and efficiently. We provide a custom made fit for your window screen, no matter the size. Our fully trained and licensed staff will ensure top service and a professional installation.

A Florida Home Necessity

Sander’s Screening and Repairs allows you to enjoy the fresh air and Florida’s beautiful weather while not being bothered by pesty insects or other creatures from invading your space. Allow for extra space outdoors while also effectively blocking 98% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. Finally,you can enjoy your summers again!

FREE Estimates Always

Sander’s Screening and Repairs always offers our customers FREE No-Obligation Estimates.